Image captured from a neighboring community near my house | Spring 2012

Image captured from a neighboring community near my house | Spring 2012


I was born a yankee but raised as a true southerner in my love for soul food, southern hospitality, and nature. Growing up in my small town in South Carolina and being a minority most of my life, I found the need to always identify with things that stood out. Through that need, I found I could easily express myself through art and passion of technology. That push has gotten me to the point that I am at now, a Multimedia Designer.

I'm a geek for technology and always try to find innovative ways to present ideas to people I work for and with. I enjoy being a team player but also can lead a project with ease. 

I have experience in many different areas of design: web, print, mobile, photography, videography, etc.

  • I work well with both MAC and PC platforms in many different software, such as:
  • Adobe Products: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Premiere, Acrobat.
  • MS Office: Word, Powerpoint, Excel. iWorks: Pages, Numbers, Keynote.
  • Final Cut Pro and Lightroom are other software I am familiar with.
  • And yes, I do know Windows Movie Maker (even though I'm not a fan, it does have it's use, as does everything else.)
  • I have basic copywriting skills from my working in a marketing and communications department for 5 years.


I also am a musician and enjoy learning about any new instrument that comes in my path. I play the violin, some piano, and lute. I consider myself a "Jill" of all trades. I am very personable and friendly and would love to have the opportunity to work with anyone who welcomes me with a positive attitude. 

...Oh and another bit about me. I enjoy making people smile not just with my design but my humor as well :)


Resume and references available upon request


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